Trailer Axle Parts Explained: Hanger Hardware

Aug 9, 2023 | Trailer Axles

This is the final article in a 4-part series that dives into all of the key components of a trailer axle. This article will discuss hanger hardware.

While a trailer axle may seem relatively simple, an axle is made up of 4 key components – an axle beamwheel hubssuspension components, and hanger hardware. This article will discuss hanger hardware – what it is, how it makes up the entire axle system, and the different types of hanger hardware available to purchase on the market today.

What is an axle hanger?

Hanger hardware, also known as hanger brackets, is a key component of a trailer axle system. An axle hanger is a component that gets welded to the chassis to mount the axles and axle components. 

Why is hanger hardware important?

A hanger kit is the metal brackets that keep your axle secure to the frame of the trailer. 

What size hanger hardware do I need?

There is different hanger hardware that is compatible with the size and weight rating of your axle. BlueSwift Axles provides 5 different hanger hardware options available that you can order online.

All of BlueSwift Axle’s hanger kits include front and rear hangers, center hangers, triangle equalizers, shackle straps, shackle bolts, and lock nuts.

When do you need to replace your axle’s hanger kit?

It’s not very likely that you would need to replace your axle’s hanger hardware without needing to replace other components or your entire axle system. Like most axle components that are exposed to outside weather elements, moisture, or debris, your axle’s hanger kit is susceptible to rust and corrosion if neglected over time. 

To keep your axle’s hanger hardware rust-free, keep your trailer stored in a climate-controlled environment. 

If you need full axle replacement, or simply need a new sturdy hanger kit, contact BlueSwift Axles to place your order today.