Trailer Axle Parts Explained: Axle Beam

Aug 2, 2023 | Trailer Axles

This is a 4 part series that dives into all of the key components of a trailer axle.

While a trailer axle may seem relatively simple, an axle is made up of 4 key components – an axle beam, wheel hubssuspension components, and hanger hardware. This article will discuss axle beams – what they are, why they’re important, and how to detect possible damage to your trailer’s axle beam.

What are axle beams?

Axle beams are the backbone of your trailer and your trailer’s axle system. Axle beams are designed to carry the weight of your trailer and its tow load. The beams connect your trailer’s wheels on opposite sides of the trailer and they provide balance and stability for your trailer when towing.

How to choose the right axle beam

Knowing your trailer’s weight, tow load, and road conditions are important when choosing a replacement axle beam for your trailer. While axle beams are not a size fits, choosing a beam that is equipped to handle your trailer during your standard towing conditions is important. 

Choosing a higher capacity beam, beyond what is needed for your day-to-day towing needs, is not the best solution for more strength, power, and longevity. You compromise towing safety if you choose an axle beam that is not the right size for your trailer and your towing needs. 

Types of axle beams

There are two common types of trailer axle beams – hollow and solid. While solid axles are stronger, hollow axles are typically built with a wider diameter and use far less material. According to, hollow axles are up to 75% lighter than solid beam axles. This makes the trailer easier to handle when installing and optimizes weight for heavier loads.

hollow vs solid axle beams

Axle beam replacement from BlueSwift Axles

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