Trailer Axle Parts Explained: Suspension Components

Jul 30, 2023 | Trailer Axles, Uncategorized

This is a 4 part series that dives into all of the key components of a trailer axle.

While a trailer axle may seem relatively simple, an axle is made up of 4 key components – an axle beam, wheel hubs, suspension components, and hanger hardware. 

Trailer axles range in size and capacity to accommodate all of the different trailer types. Each axle varies slightly from the next because there are single-axle configurations, tandem-axle with two axles, triple-axle and more. Axles can be spring or torsion, straight or drop spindle, and the springs can be over slung or underslung. 

The manufacturing of each axle’s suspension is handled a little differently, but we’re here to walk you through the key components of an axle and explain why they are important. This article will educate you on the purpose of the axle’s suspension, and how to detect possible damage to your axle suspension so you can correctly diagnose and replace the correct parts. 

Suspension Kits

Pulling a trailer with the right suspension system makes a considerable difference in ride quality and your overall hauling experience. Picking which type of suspension system to install on your trailer is a very important decision. The type of suspension system that is ideal for your trailer will vary based on the type of trailer you have and your hauling needs. The correct trailer suspension gives you a smoother ride and protects your cargo and other trailer components by correctly absorbing the shock from uneven roadways, bumps, and potholes. 

Leaf Spring Suspensions

This type of suspension is the most cost-effective option which makes it the most popular. This suspension design is made up of a series of curved springs (leaves) that are stacked and attached to the underside of the trailer’s axle. The leaves function as shock absorbers because they flex and release when you hit bumps in the road. 

For a full list of leaf spring suspension pros and cons, read this article by BlueSwift Axles. 

Torsion Suspensions

Torsion suspension provides many benefits compared to spring suspension. The unique design of the Torsion suspension axles includes a rubber torsion arm system that is self-contained within the axle tube, which then directly attaches to the trailer frame. Torsion suspensions provide a smooth ride, with less wear and tear on your trailer components over the years.

For a full list of torsion axle suspension pros and cons, read this article

Our experts will assess your trailer and your hauling needs and recommend the best suspension option for you. To shop for spring and torsion axle suspension replacement kits, visit BlueSwift Axle’s online store.