8,000 lbs. Drop Spring Trailer Axle


This spring axle has a 4″ drop, with an 8,000 lbs capacity. Custom Built. Prices start at beam only.

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Spring Axles are an easy to install option. When replacing a spring axle there is no welding required! Spring Axles are ideal for their easy upkeep. Their replaceable components make them the more economical trailer option when compared to Torsion Axles. Do you drive over gravel or uneven roads? Spring Axles use equalizers to distribute the weight of the load evenly over axles, especially with multi axle configurations. Trailers carrying cargo over gravel or bumpy roads can depend on spring axles for stability. If you are switching from a Torsion Axle to a Spring Axle there are extra measurements that our team can assist you with info@BlueSwiftAxles.com


  • Gravel
  • Bumpy Roads
  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Varying Load Weights


Maintenance and Repair:

Replacement components are available for wear and tear. Spring Axles are a better option for trailer owners and companies who want to avoid full axle replacement expenses. All the wearing items are replaceable by unbolting and bolting on the new parts.


Spring axles use metal stacked leaf springs to support your trailer capacity. BlueSwift Axles carry a variety of Trailer Spring Axles from 2k-8K axle capacities.

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Straight, 4" Drop


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