2,000 lbs. Torsion Trailer Axle


This Torsion Trailer Axle has a 2,000 lbs capacity. Custom built to customer specifications. Prices start at beam only.

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Blueswift's 2000 lb. Torsion Trailer Axles are heavy-duty performers ideal for transportation companies. The durability of Torsion Axles makes them a top choice for companies seeking reduced maintenance costs. Torsion Axles are ideal for a smooth ride thanks to their independent wheel suspension.


  • Highway Travel
  • Heavy Duty Loads


Torsion Trailer Axles are welded or bolted directly to the frame of your trailer. This provides added support and stability for travel, ideal for excessive highway miles.

Maintenance and Repair:

Maintenance in regards to Torsion Trailer Axles involves regularly inspecting the arms ensuring they still remain at their original degree and that the axle beam and mounting hardware are free from rust and damage. Repair typically requires replacing the entire axle assembly if the rubber torsion elements fail, as they are integrated and not serviceable individually.


Torsion trailer axles are built with a rectangular beam that houses rubber cords, which provide suspension by compressing and twisting within the axle tube. The wheel spindles are attached to the ends of this beam, allowing for independent wheel movement and smoother ride quality. If you are switching from a Spring Axle to a Torsion Axle there are extra measurements that our team can assist you with at info@BlueSwiftAxles.com.

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