Q&A: Trailer Axle Life Expectancy

Aug 7, 2023 | Spring Axles, Torsion Axles, Trailer Axles

This Q&A answers your most popular questions about trailer axle life expectancy.  

Q: Does hauling distance impact the life of my trailer axles?

A: With frequent hauls and longer hauling distances, your axles will undergo more general wear over time. This greatly impacts how much life you get out of it. Traveling hundreds of miles regularly can shed years off your trailer’s life and call for more frequent axle replacements during that time. 

Q: Does the age of my trailer impact the longevity of my axles?

A: Yes – the age of your trailer has a direct impact on how long your trailer axles will last. Unless the trailer has remained idle and not used often, usually the older the trailer, the sooner you may need potential axle replacements or other trailer parts replaced. 

When planning to purchase a used trailer, it’s best to be cautious. Unless you know that part replacements or repairs have been made to the trailer, it’s best to plan to replace your axles within the first year of your purchase. Doing so will potentially prevent you from losing revenue during unexpected downtime.

Q: What can I do to extend my trailer axle lifespan?

A: If you take proper care of your axles and trailer then they should last you a long time. Proper maintenance includes always towing loads under the axle weight rating, not exceeding the speed rating of your tires (which can result in a blowout and cause stress to the axle), and keeping to a maintenance routine maintenance schedule.

Q: Does the brand of axle impact the longevity?

A: Absolutely. Not all axles are created equal. From our experience working in the trailer and trailer part industry, we can say for certain that the trailer axle brand determines quite a bit about the lifespan. It’s important to choose an axle supplier you can trust. 

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