Trailer Axle Parts Explained: Wheel Hub

Jul 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

This article talks through the trailer axle wheel hub & gives you all the details you want to know. 

This article s a 4 part series that dives into all of the key components of a trailer axle.

While a trailer axle may seem relatively simple, an axle is made up of 4 key components – an axle beam, hubs, suspension components, and hanger hardware. 

Trailer axles range in size and capacity to accommodate all of the different trailer types. Each axle varies slightly from the next because there are single-axle configurations, tandem-axle with two axles, triple-axle and more. Axles can be spring or torsion, straight or drop spindle, and the springs can be over slung or underslung. 

The manufacturing of each axle hub is handled a little differently, but we’re here to walk you through the key components of an axle and explain why they are important. This article will educate you on the purpose of the axle hub, and how to detect possible damage to your axle hub so you can correctly diagnose and replace a part of your trailer handling declines.


The purpose of the wheel hub is to serve as the glue between the tire and the axle. Tires are attached with studs to the hub assembly. The hub assembly then fits on the axle, which connects the tire component to the rest of the car. 

A trailer wheel hub looks like a metal donut that slides onto the axle. On either side of the hub, you have the inner and outer bearings, which are cylindrical pieces that are packed with grease that reduce friction while the tires spin. A castle nut holds the hub and the bearings in place on the axle. 

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