How to Measure a Torsion Axle – Step by Step Guide With Video

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The following guide covers How to Measure a Torsion Axle.

Torsion axles are one of the most popular types of axles when it comes to hauling trailers.

How to Measure a Torsion Axle

In this video, we’ll walk you through how to measure your torsion trailer axle.


How to Measure a Torsion Axle – Video Notes

What you’ll need:

Tape Measure, framing square or “L” shaped ruler.

Remove tires:

To get accurate measurements, we recommend removing the tires before you start measuring.

How to Measure a Torsion Axle – Other Measurements

How to Measure the Axle Brackets

When measuring the axle brackets we are going to measure outside the brackets to outside the brackets as well as inside to inside. The reason for this is because manufacturer sizing varies from bracket to bracket and by knowing these two measurements, we can customize your axle to be a perfect fit when you place it underneath your trailer. To measure the outside of brackets, place your tape measure on the outside of one bracket, and pull it across to the outside of the other bracket.To measure the inside of brackets place your tape measure on the inside of the bracket and measure across to the inside of the other bracket.

How to Measure the Axle Beam

Measure the diameter of the beam with a tape measure.

How to Measure the Bolt Circle

The bolt circle is the space between the bolts. If you have a 4, 6, or 8 bolt circle, you can measure from the center of one bolt circle to the center of the bolt circle that is directly across. If you have a 5 bolt circle, this measurement is found by measuring from the outside of one bolt circle, skipping one, and measuring to the center of the next stud or bolt circle.

How to Measure the Hub Face

The hub face measurement is the overall width of the axle. To get an accurate hub face measurement on a torsion axle, place your tape measure on the smooth part of the hub where the wheel attaches, and pull the tape measure across to the other side, measuring to the outside of the other hub face.

How to Measure the Trailing Arm Angle

Line up the top and bottom point of the diamond on the suspension arm making sure the framing square lines up directly down the center of the axle tube, this will ensure the rubber suspension is not worn out and giving you a false angle. Once you have established the arm’s true neutral position you can then determine the angle. Common trailing arm angles are, 22.5° up, 10° up, 0°, 10° down, 22.5° down, and 45° down.

Bent or Broken Axle?

If for any reason your axle is bent, broken, or missing a hub, contact us today at 515-608-8040 and we’ll walk you through how to measure it.

Ready to Order Torsion Axles?

Now that you have measured all the parts of your torsion axle you’re ready to buy. Order a new torsion trailer axle today. Once the order is placed, our team is going to jump to get you back on the road!

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