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What is the 60/40 trailer rule?

What is the 60/40 trailer rule?

This article answers the popular question: What is the trailer 60/40 rule? The 60/40 rule means that you should put 60% of the trailer’s total weight in front of the trailer axles and 40% of the load weight behind the axles.  Why is it important to follow the 60/40...

How-To Guide: Read an Axle Label

This article answers the popular question: How do you read an axle label? Where are axle labels located? The location of the axle label can vary by manufacturer, but commonly axle labels can be found on the side of the axle facing your rear bumper. What information is...

Trailer Towing Safety

Trailer Towing Safety

This article answers the popular question: What are some trailer towing safety tips? Before towing a trailer for the first time, there are many important factors to consider. Being aware of your vehicle and trailer’s mechanical condition. Inspect your trailer’s tires,...

Customer Spotlight: MB Electrical

Customer Spotlight: MB Electrical

Our customer spotlight series will highlight new BlueSwift Axle customers and their experience working with the team at BlueSwift Axles. MB Electrical is a 5-team electrical shop located in the Des Moines metro. The owner of MB Electrical, Mark, purchased a used...

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how to measure trailer axles
Reasons Why You Should Not Wait to Replace Trailer Axles

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