Should I Upgrade My Trailer Load Capacity? What You Need to Know

Jun 24, 2022 | Trailer Axles

Should I Upgrade my Trailer Capacity?

As you grow your hauling business, you’ll likely find that your trailer needs change over time. When you find your trailer struggling to carry a large load, it may be time to upgrade your trailer axle capacity.

Should I Upgrade My Trailer Load Capacity?

The simplest way to figure out whether you should upgrade is to determine your current trailer load capacity. To do this, you only need to know your Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR), or the combined load capacity of your axles If you currently have a 3500-pound rated spring trailer axle and your trailer weighs 600 pounds, the largest payload you can carry is 2900 pounds. When your hauling needs exceed that limit, it’s time to upgrade your axle capacity.

What is Involved in Upgrading?

Upgrading the Axle Capacity

The more common axle capacities is a 3,500 LB. The next most common is the 5,200 LB axle both capacities are availible in Spring and Torsion Axle. Torsion vs Spring Axles – Which Type of Axle Should You Buy?

Unless your workloads have tripled, you’ll be looking at the next capacity up. If you’re upgrading from a 2,000LB Axle you only need to get into the 3,500 range. Going from there you’re dealing with much larger hauls that can damage your wheels or trailer.

If you’re keeping the same axle type, it’s best to map out your trailer to determine the size you will need of components. For Spring Axles your new axle will include larger components such as the double-eye springs, front hangers, center hangers, rear hangers. This could mean a different install setup, or even a different trailer.

Make sure a new axle is compatible with your Trailer

Ultimately, it’s best to contact a trusted supplier of trailer axles for specific advice on how involved the process to upgrade will be and to make sure you are equipped with all the parts you’ll need to upgrade.

Will I Need to Change the Wheels?

Yes. If Upgrading your axle capacity you’ll need to replace your wheels as well. Your wheel bolt pattern will be based on the weight for which your axle is rated. If you are going from a 3500-pound capacity axle to one rated for 5200 pounds, you will need 6 bolts instead of 5. A 6000-pound capacity spring axle can use either 6 or 8 bolts, whereas a 7000-pound axle will use only 8 bolts. Choosing to upgrade your axle capacity is worthwhile if you’re planning for bigger and longer hauls. Still, understanding what’s needed for your desired configuration is critical to obtaining the expected result.

Contact BlueSwift Axles

Before you start ordering one-size-fits-all parts, check with a knowledgeable axle supplier to explore custom solutions that are better suited to your unique needs. The BlueSwift Axles team is trained and knowledgeable about trailer components and focused on helping you find the product that’s right for you.