What are the Benefits of Upgrading to Self-Adjusting Brakes?

Jun 23, 2022 | Trailer Axles

What are the benefits of upgrading to self-adjusting brakes?

Your trailer axles are only as good as the brakes that come with them. Inadequate brakes can cause costly problems in the long run, and even unexpected downtime. To prevent your brakes from becoming a headache, investing in self-adjusting brakes may be your best bet. Afraid to make the switch?

Benefits of Upgrading to Self-Adjusting Brakes

Let’s discuss some compelling and practical reasons you should upgrade to self-adjusting brakes.

1. Self-Adjusting Means Less Maintenance

The fewer touches you have on your parts, the less likely things will go wrong. Manually adjusting your brakes requires you to check them more frequently, with most trailer owners performing this maintenance every 3 months. If they’re adjusted incorrectly, you can end up with uneven wear and get less life out of your brakes.

Self-adjusting hydraulic or electric brakes require 1 initial adjustment and are good to go. In fact, even haulers who choose to forgo the initial adjustment report that the brakes eventually adjust on their own without further assistance. This gives you even wear and longer use out of your brake system.

2. Choose Hydraulic Brakes or Electric Brakes

Both our hydraulic brakes and electric brakes can be self-adjusting. Currently, we offer electric brakes in both 10-inch and 12-inch sizes. No matter which option you choose, you can be confident that any type of self-adjusting brake will work for your trailer hauling applications.

3. Haul Safely while Saving Time

Safety is a big concern when traveling far with a heavy payload, and let’s face it, do-it-yourself repairs aren’t always the most reliable. With self-adjusting brakes, you don’t have to worry about remembering the last time you checked your brakes or if a repair is needed. You’ll have the full braking power you need without wasting 30 – 45 minutes on an adjustment that, if done improperly, may cause serious damage to your brakes. Self-adjusting brakes are self-centering, which means when the brakes are applied, the caliper will move to the center from side to side. In the unlikely event, they become loose, the internal level will adjust, providing a much safer haul than manual adjusting brakes.

Better Brakes for Better Hauls

As a company dedicated to providing superior trailer parts, for that reason BlueSwift Axles only sells self-adjusting brakes. Our brakes use a forward self-adjusting feature, comparable to the design of Nev-R-Adjust™ brakes. This ensures your trailer brakes are safe enough to keep you hauling now and down the line. When you configure your custom trailer axles with us, you can also choose between hydraulic and electric brakes. We do our best to make upgrading to self-adjusting brakes a smooth part of your axle replacement. Be sure to check our selection of brake hubs and drum kits and stay tuned for more products coming to our store.