Torsion vs Spring Axles – Which Type of Axle Should You Buy?

Jun 14, 2022 | Trailer Axles

Torsion vs Spring Axles and which type of axle you should buy.

When shopping for trailer axles, many of our clients have the same question when it comes to torsion vs spring axles; “Which type of axle should I buy?” However, choosing between torsion vs spring axles has much more to do with your specific hauling needs than it does with your preference.

Can I Switch My Axle Type?

New Installation Setup Required

Yes, but the process requires a professional to weld and change the setup. If you’re switching for the durability of use make sure the cost benefits outweigh the installation expenses. Before you start seriously considering one type of axle over another, it’s important to know which one you already have. That 3500 lb. spring axle you’re eyeing may have a lower price point, but if your trailer currently uses a torsion axle, that price can easily go up. Switching from a torsion axle to a spring axle is more complicated than a straight swap, and the labor cost to go from one to the other can exceed the cost of sticking with the same axle type. Even if you determine that you’re willing to undertake the added effort of switching, you’ll need to know whether you already have the best type of axle for your needs or not.

Torsion vs Spring Axles

Let’s consider some key features of each type of trailer axle.

Torsions Axles Built for the Long Haul

Built for Durability & Longevity

Do you need to carry heavy loads over long distances? High-capacity torsion trailer axles will likely be your best bet. Torsion axles turn trailers into a workhorse, giving you the ability to haul livestock, large lumber loads, woodchippers, and even some car trailers. Moreover, torsion axles can handle the stress of large loads and still maintain their durability. Expect these axles to be long-lasting even if you are a high-mileage hauler. The tradeoff for that durability comes in the form of a difficult-to-maintain part. Like the Torflex system, our torsion arm suspension is completely self-contained inside the axle tube.

Requires Full Replacement

This means the components are sealed inside and hard to access. Because of this, torsion axles may need to be replaced more frequently. The interior construction means less outside wear and tear from the elements however you will need to do a full replacement when the axle has reached its full wear. This could be from distance, use, or age. Here’s the average life expectancy of a trailer axle.

Spring Axles Offer Reliable Low Maintenance

Parts Replacements Prevent Full Re-Placements

If it seems like spring trailer axles are more common, there is a good reason for that. Spring axles offer the versatility that haulers require while having the advantage of being easy to maintain. Spring axles have easy-to-replace components located externally. For general wear and tear, you can update parts rather than replace the entire axle. The springs and suspension on spring axles are readily accessible and replaceable from the outside, saving both time and money when replacements for these components are necessary.

Durable for Most Trade Businesses

Yet, these axles are still durable enough to support the hauling of landscaping trailers, roofing trailers, car trailers, and more. Still not sure which trailer axle you need? BlueSwift Axles is here to point you in the right direction. Give us a call at 515-608-8040 to get assistance with your order today.