The Best Alternatives to Dexter Axles – What to Look For

Jun 25, 2022 | Trailer Axles

Finding the Best Alternatives to Dexter Axles.

Dexter Axles might be the first company that comes to mind when you need trailer axles, but they are far from the only name in the game providing a high-quality product. Before you decide to buy your trailer parts based on brand name alone, let’s discuss what a good alternative to Dexter Axles looks like.

Finding the Best Alternatives to Dexter Axles

American-made Axles

To get the same type of quality that you expect from such a reputable brand, you must look for an axle alternative that is American-made. While foreign-made axles may provide better pricing, they most certainly will not hold up to the quality of Dexter Axles the way an American axle supplier will. As smaller American companies enter the arena, you should also find quality custom options that don’t carry the heavy price tag of a large brand name. Dexter is certainly a large provider as they’ve accumulated a lot of these smaller companies.

Variety of Trailer Axle Offerings

A good axle manufacturer will have a wide range of offerings and solutions for your trailer needs. Look for trailer axles with different capacities, a selection of spring and torsion axles, and customization for your axles. Avoid companies that only carry stock options and pursue a one-size-fits-all approach with their inventory. It’s also a good sign if they carry other axle and trailer parts, such as self-adjusting brakes and suspension kits.

Alternatives to TORFLEX and Nev-R-Adjust

If a company truly wants to compete with a well-established supplier of axles, they have to offer an alternative to the TORFLEX suspension system and the quality of Nev-R-Adjust brakes. BlueSwift torsion axles all consist of a suspension system that is self-contained in the axle tube, providing a smoother ride and less maintenance. With safety being a high priority for our customers, all our brakes are self-adjusting and utilize the forward self-adjusting feature like the Nev-R-Adjust braking system.

A Focus on Customer Service and Support

Determining the right axles for your trailer can be a challenge, and you shouldn’t have to face it on your own. A reputable axle supplier should provide you with multiple ways to reach out to them. Additionally, you should be able to find informative materials on their website to assist you, and employees capable of answering any question you have about their parts.

BlueSwift Axles is a Premium Alternative to Dexter Axles

BlueSwift Axles is unmatched in the level of service and quality we provide to our customers. As an American-made trailer axle supplier, we choose to stand out in the industry with custom axle solutions, a variety of trailer parts in our online store, and a dedication to exceeding the needs of haulers across the country. In addition to offering a 48-hour shipping guarantee on custom spring and torsion axles, we take the time to deliver the best customer service and assistance you need when you need it. By utilizing the best technology to create affordable products, BlueSwift Axles is quickly becoming the preferred choice for trailer axles and parts. Don’t take our word for it. Compare our products for yourself and discover what the best alternative axle manufacturer has to offer.