Why You Should Partner with BlueSwift Axles

Jan 19, 2023 | Uncategorized

This article answers the popular question: Why should YOU partner with BlueSwift Axles for axle replacements? 

We know that many auto body shops, trailer repair shops, and maintenance shops deal with trailer axle replacements daily. Trailer axles are often unique with custom dimensions and sizing. Because of this, many shops end up dealing with major parts delays when ordering replacements. To avoid downtime for your clients, make the switch to partner with BlueSwift Axles today.

BlueSwift Axles’ “No Parts Delay” Promise

When you order replacement trailer axles online through other manufacturers, you may experience long order processing times and lengthy shipping delays. 

With BlueSwift Axles’ easy-to-use online ordering system, ordering a new axle for your trailer is quick and easy. BlueSwift is proud to offer fast service and no parts delays. We have a printable order form with pictures to help you gather all of the information and measurements you need to order a replacement axle. The BlueSwift team follows up on every order with a phone call to double-check each measurement before we build your axle. 

Not located in Des Moines? No problem! We have a rush shipping option so you receive your axle faster than it takes for the other company to place the order and manufacture the new axle.

Order your replacement parts today

For full details on how to order an axle through our online store and take the appropriate measurements, read this article. The BlueSwift team is trained and knowledgeable about all trailer components and can help you measure correctly if you need assistance. 

BlueSwift Axles wants to partner with YOU…Des Moines trailer repair shops!