Can Trailer Axles Be Made in 48 Hours?

Jun 16, 2022 | Trailer Axles

Can Trailer Axles be Made in 48 hours? 

Yes. Here at BlueSwift Axles, we’ve partnered with an Iowa Based Axle Manufacturing company to ensure that axles are built to order. When you place an order with BlueSwift your custom axle order is confirmed and moved to our team of axle builders at HSI Duratek. We know that time is money, which is why we’ve modernized the ordering process. Unexpected downtime is inconvenient for any business, but for haulers, it can be catastrophic. This is especially true when a critical part like your trailer axle fails you.

How quickly you can get back to hauling depends on how fast a new axle can be delivered. When every minute of downtime is costly, how effective can a 48-hour manufacturing guarantee be at minimizing the damage to your business?

Lengthy Downtime is Dangerous

Getting a new trailer axle is a lengthy process, and it’s not one most suppliers will speed up. The standard timeframe for ordering a new trailer axle is 6 to 8 weeks. Most haulers don’t have that long to wait for a replacement and risk losing thousands if they are unable to secure a quality replacement sooner. Fortunately, BlueSwift Axles has stepped in to provide a solution that significantly reduces downtime and gets you the axles you need without compromising on excellence.

Our 48-Hour Manufacturing Guarantee

The Midwest does it best, and now that goes for trailer axles too. Our Iowa-based business is committed to getting your spring and torsion axles built within 48 hours and shipped out to you right after. Depending on your location, you will have replacement axles 1-2 months faster than our leading competitors can deliver to you. With BlueSwift Axles, faster doesn’t mean inferior. Even with a high-priority order, we continue to provide built-to-order spring trailer axles that have the same American-made superiority as the axles produced within our standard timeframes. Serving haulers across the continental United States and keeping them on the road is our main priority and the driving force behind our 48-hour shipping guarantee.

Why Choose BlueSwift Axles?

Whether you need to take advantage of our 48-hour manufacturer guarantee, or you just want expert advice on axles, our staff is best equipped to assist you. The BlueSwift Axles team is trained and knowledgeable about trailer components and focused on helping you find the product that’s right for you. While our competitors may send you on a never-ending goose chase to find answers to your questions, our team is filled with experts who will offer the best guidance and solutions for your specific needs. We’re confident that you won’t be able to find custom axles that fit your needs and your delivery expectations. Still not convinced? Experience what it’s like to buy BlueSwift firsthand and let us convince you.

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