Axle Replacement in the Off Season

Jan 16, 2023 | Trailer Axles

This article answers the popular question: Should axle replacement be done in the off season?

Winter in the Midwest is considered the “off-season” for many construction companies and contractors. As the ground freezes, it becomes increasingly more difficult for work to happen quickly and efficiently. In turn, the cost of labor and materials skyrockets because of the harsh weather conditions. Off-season doesn’t mean a company is not doing work at all, it typically just means that the amount of work decreases and the costs increase. Oftentimes, companies will decide to take time off during the Winter to save money, and then heavy up their work during the warmer months.

Which types of companies have an “off-season”?

In the Midwest, generally, any type of construction company that does work outside will experience an off-season as the ground starts to freeze. In Iowa, the trades often experience this around mid-December, and it continues until mid-to-late Spring in April. 

Industries that have an off-season, include:

  • Dirt Moving and Excavating
  • Construction 
  • Roofing
  • Concrete
  • Underground Utilities
  • Siding companies

The off-season often comes in waves for different trades because of the cycle of construction. For example, in a new construction cycle: Dirt moving companies can’t dig holes to pour the footings. In turn, concrete companies can’t pour the footings because they need certain temperatures outside to cure the concrete. When the footings and foundation aren’t in place, it means it then delays your framing crews, siding, roofing, and window companies. The off-season delays cause a waterfall effect that impacts every contractor at some point in the cycle of a construction project.

Why is the cost of construction more expensive in the “off-season”?

From a time standpoint, it takes twice as long to do work in the Winter and crews are less efficient in sub-zero temperatures. If you are hiring subcontractors to do outdoor work, their rates may be inflated in the off-season.

Axle replacement in the off-season

When jobs are slower, this is the perfect time to prioritize other aspects of your business like a vehicle, trailer, and equipment maintenance and repair. Getting your vehicles and trailers in for inspections is the best way to determine which components need replacing heading into your busy season. Prioritizing maintenance in the off-season allows the highest efficiency and less downtime in the busy season.

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