What does downtime cost companies?

Jan 10, 2023 | Spring Axles, Torsion Axles, Trailer Axles

This helpful guide answers the popular question: What does downtime cost companies?

You hear the word all the time…Downtime. We continuously preach about the importance of regular auto and trailer maintenance and inspections to avoid potential downtime. But, what is the cost of downtime? Can you afford downtime in the fleet/hauling industry? We break it down for you in this article and give you all the answers.

More than the bottom line

Unscheduled downtime of a trailer not only impacts the “bottom line” costs such as towing, repairs, rentals, and replacement parts, but it also factors in the cost for each day the truck is not out on the road generating revenue. According to Fullbay, depending on the type of freight being hauled, the distance, rates, and other factors, the loss of business is quite significant – ranging from $450 to $750 per day.

When you factor in the time it takes to bring the trailer to the repair shop, order the parts, install the parts, and pick up the trailer, this process is usually not very quick.

Is downtime avoidable?

Unfortunately, no. All fleets, vehicles, and trailers will encounter downtime at some time. Besides parts and equipment failures, you must also factor in unavoidable accidents and weather. While no fleet wants to incur downtime, while your vehicle or trailer is in the repair shop, it allows you to check on other components as well. If your trailer went into the shop for new tires and the repair technician noticed that your axles were old, corroded, and damaged, it saves you time because they can fix everything at once. This gets you back on the road with a trailer that’s in tip-top driving condition.

Minimize downtime

There are a few ways you can minimize lengthy downtime.

  1. Pre and Post-Trip Inspections – Pre and post-trip inspections are a helpful habit to establish. While your trailer may seem to be functioning properly during the haul, when you get underneath the trailer, inspect the axles, wiring, and other hard-to-see parts on a trailer – you may see otherwise.
  2. Preventive Maintenance Programs – For larger fleets, a preventive maintenance program is often implemented to make upgrades and repairs before any damage happens and you break down. Based on the distance the vehicle or trailer has driven, they often anticipate the vehicle will need certain repairs just based on the average lifespan of certain trailer parts. 

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