Light Duty Trailer Axles: Are they a good fit for you and your hauling needs?

Aug 5, 2023 | Trailer Axles

What are light-duty trailer axles?

Light-duty axles are the most common type of axles used by haulers. The Light-duty name indicates that an axle is only rated for trailer weights ranging from 1,000 pounds to 8,000 pounds. Understanding more about this kind of light-duty axle can help you be confident that it’s the right choice for your trailer and your hauling needs.

Is a light-duty trailer axle the right fit for my trailer?

Not every hauler can use a light-duty trailer axle. Because light-duty axles are only rated for weights up to 8,000 pounds, you must consider what you’re hauling so you can decide if a light-duty axle can sustain the amount of weight of your trailer + tow load. 

What type of trailers should use light-duty axles? 

Trailers that are used for hauling bikes and kayaks, low-weight equipment, or small machinery or lightweight construction materials will be fine with light-duty axles. If there is a chance you may be hauling heavier equipment or machinery, you should consider a higher-capacity trailer axle. 

What type of hauling terrain is good for a light-duty axle? 

Light-duty axles perform best in climates with minimal snow, ice, or flooding. Light-duty axles also handle better on well-maintained roads. The wheels needed for lower-weight axles are smaller and won’t handle gravel roads with bumps and hills as well as a medium or heavy-duty axle can.

Which type of vehicle can pull a trailer with a light-duty axle?

The trailers supported by light-duty axles can usually be pulled by smaller SUVs, pickup trucks, and some crossover vehicles. Light-duty axles allow for maximum maneuverability with your trailer while allowing new haulers to easily transition into pulling a trailer.

Light Duty axles from BlueSwift Axles

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