Used Livestock Trailers: What should you look for?

Oct 17, 2022 | Uncategorized

The following guide answers the popular question – What should I look for when buying a used livestock trailer?

Identify the size of the trailer

The most important consideration in picking out a used livestock trailer is to make sure that the trailer is big enough for the animals. There should be plenty of room for your horse or livestock to move around and get comfortable. The key to avoiding resistance is finding a trailer where your animals are comfortable.

Confirm the trailer weight rating

Before purchasing a used trailer, check to see if the trailer is rated to tow the amount of weight you need. Know your Gross Vehicle Weight Rating so you can safely tow the livestock trailer with your towing vehicle. 

Inspect under the trailer

Inspecting underneath the trailer will help to identify any rust on the frame, shackles, shackle bolts, wheels, axles, and spindles. While inspecting the axles and spindles (arms coming down from the axles), check to make sure they aren’t bent or damaged. Also check that they have not been welded back together.

If you notice the axles are bent, damaged, or rusted, contact BlueSwift Axles to discuss an axle replacement

Check the tires

When inspecting the tires, look for signs of rot. Use the penny trick to make sure there is plenty of tread left on the tires and that the tires are evenly worn. Refer to the image in this article if you notice uneven tread on your tires. It could indicate another problem with the trailer. 

Schedule a trailer inspection

If all else fails – a trailer inspection will give you the peace of mind that you are making a smart purchase. Compared to the cost of the trailer, a preventive inspection charge is pretty insignificant. An inspection provides good insurance for your livestock trailer purchase.