Harvest is over: Do your trailer axles need to be replaced?

Oct 14, 2022 | Trailer Axles, Uncategorized

The following guide answers the popular question – Do the axles on my farm trailer need to be replaced after harvest?

Your trailer axles are so important. If they are over stressed, overloaded, out of alignment, rusted, or just old, you may have a problem. Follow this helpful guide to determine if it may be time for new axles on your farm trailer. If you think it’s time for new axles, contact BlueSwift Axles today or go online to purchase an axle using our easy-to-use online ordering system.  

Unusual Tire Wear & Tear

Uneven tire wear and tear can indicate a possible axle issue on your trailer. Although any sort of uneven tire wear can indicate a possible concern. A tire pattern called “feathering across the face” specifically indicates that there may be an axle out of alignment.

feathering across the face

Alignment Issues

Overloading your trailer with too much weight causes a lot of stress on your axles. People tend to think that they can put bigger tires on your trailer to help hold the weight of the load. Although strong tires are important, you still have to consider how much weight your axle is rated to carry. 

If the axles are out of alignment from damage, overloading, or normal wear and tear, this can cause the trailer to pull to one side when towing. People often don’t know that axles are not adjustable. Hitting a curb, large pothole, or getting in an accident are the top reasons why your axles may be out of alignment.

Rust on your trailer axles

Even if your trailer and axles are new, checking for rust and corrosion regularly is important. If you live in climates with inclement weather, driving in wet or muddy fields, or your trailer is constantly dirty from being on the farm, your axles are more prone to rust. Rust on your trailer axle poses a serious safety risk out on the road. If the axle becomes too rusty, it may start to corrode and deteriorate. 

If you suspect your trailer has an axle issue, the experts at BlueSwift Axles can offer guidance on selecting the right axles for your trailer, as well as insight into caring for them.