3 Signs that Your Trailer Needs Maintenance

Sep 14, 2022 | Trailer Axles

The following guide answers the popular question – What are 3 signs that my trailer needs maintenance?

If your trailer is making unusual noises, faulty lighting or wiring, or pulling to one side – these are sure signs that there may be an issue with your trailer. 

Routine trailer maintenance is important for the longevity of your trailer. Like any piece of equipment, your trailer parts may experience wear and tear over time. Knowing when and how to detect possible issues with your trailer is important to ensure safety while hauling. Ignoring possible maintenance concerns can also result in more costly repairs in the future. To keep your trailer hauling in tip-top shape, pay attention to these 3 maintenance warning signs:

Clicking Noises or Unusual Noises

Unusual clicking or rattling sounds on your trailer is one of the most common signs something may be wrong. If you hear an unusual noise, it’s important to pull over and inspect your trailer immediately and identify where the noise is coming from. There are multiple reasons why your trailer may be making an unusual sound:

Trailer Brakes – Worn brakes may cause a squeaky or grinding noise. There is a damper in the brakes that acts as a shock absorber when you brake. If this damper is worn or damaged, it can cause the trailer to bounce or nose dive into the back of your towing vehicle. A bouncing trailer can cause excessive noise while hauling.

AxlesA clanking, clunking, or clicking sound can indicate a bent or misaligned axle. 

Faulty Lighting and Wiring

A blown fuse, loose connection or electrical short can cause issues with a trailer’s lights. If the trailer lights are flickering or not working, this is a significant safety issue. When rear lights and brake lights don’t work, it’s also a safety concern for others on the road. If the fix is not a simple light bulb replacement, it is important to get your trailer in for maintenance to diagnose the wiring issue.

Pulling to One Side

Tires or Wheels

When the trailer starts to pull your vehicle to one side or swerve unexpectedly, this may indicate a possible tire or wheel issue. Before hauling, always inspect your tires for excessive wear and tear, bulging, and tire pressure. Use the image below if you notice your trailer starting to pull to one side or unusual tread patterns.

3 signs your trailer needs maintenance

Image source: Felling Trailers, https://www.felling.com/


If the axles are out of alignment, this can also cause the trailer to pull to one side and cause uneven wear and tear on the tires. If you suspect your trailer has an axle issue, the experts at BlueSwift Axles can offer guidance on selecting the right axles for your trailer, as well as insight into caring for them. 

You must inspect and service your trailer on a regular basis. Setting up a maintenance schedule will allow you to find issues or concerns before they become costly and unsafe. Contact your dealer or nearest maintenance shop if you are experiencing unusual trailer noises, wiring issues or if your trailer is pulling to one side.

If you find that your trailer axles are worn or damaged and need to be replaced, contact BlueSwift Axles to help. Driving a trailer with damaged axles can put added stress on your tires. This can cause tire damage and unsafe driving conditions for everyone on the road.

See our video below for more information on BlueSwift Axles and the solutions we can provide for you.


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