3 Signs Your Trailer Axle is Bad

Jun 9, 2022 | Trailer Axles

How to tell if your Trailer Axle is Going Bad?

Investing in quality trailer axles is a must for frequent hauls, but since they aren’t adjustable parts, replacing them is inevitable. The good news is that there are plenty of signs you can be on the lookout for so your axles can be replaced before causing more issues for your trailer.

How to Tell if Trailer Axle is Bad


Rusty axles can be one of the early warning signs they need to be replaced. While a little rust may be due to your location and the type of weather to which your trailer is exposed, older axles that have a lot of surface rust or flaky metal should be replaced as soon as possible. 


If your tires are wearing quicker than normal or you notice an issue with the traction, your trailer axles may be the culprit. Hitting potholes or driving regularly on unpaved gravel roads can spell trouble for your axle alignment, causing excessive wear on your tires and even your suspension. 


You will also want to pay attention to the rise of your trailer and how it feels on the road. When every turn, curb, or piece of gravel is making your items fly all around the trailer, you more than likely have a suspension issue. Since your axles are part of the suspension system on your trailer, that’s a good sign they need to be replaced. 

Ignoring Bad Trailer Axles is Costly

With any problem, the longer you ignore bad trailer axles the more catastrophic the damage will be. Having your trailer fail in the middle of a haul would not only be expensive, but potentially dangerous to yourself and others. 

To prevent the worst-case scenarios from happening, it’s best to prepare to replace your axles as soon as you notice they are going bad. It can take 6 to 8 weeks from ordering custom axles and having them replaced and ready to go.  Cringing at $1,000 for a spring trailer axle today could end up costing you over $10,000 in lost business.

Replacing Made Easy with BlueSwift Axles

As a customer-focused business, the BlueSwift Axles team is here to help you minimize costly downtime with our fast 48-hour replacements. Additionally, our easy-to-use online ordering system makes finding what you need simple and quick. You can even put in a call to our team if you need assistance with your order or instructions on measuring your axles. 

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