FAQ: Can you flip an axle?

Sep 9, 2023 | How To, Spring Axles, Trailer Axles, Uncategorized

For the month of September, we’ll dive into some commonly asked questions about trailer axles and trailer axle parts. We will share new FAQ’s each week, so check back weekly for more frequently asked questions about all things trailer axles.

This article answers the popular question, can you flip an axle? Is it safe? Read this article to learn more.

What does flipping an axle mean?

“Flipping” an axle is a term used to refer to taking the spring, usually mounted below the axle, and mounting it on top of the axle. Essentially, flipping an axle means converting an underslung axle into an overslung axle. 

What’s the difference between overslung and underslung axles?

Overslung axles refer to the leaf spring that is attached to your axle. The leaf spring is a series of curved pieces of metal clamped together that provide suspension. On over slung axles, the leaf spring is positioned over the axle. Underslung axles refer to the position of the leaf spring. In this case, the spring is positioned under the axle, instead of over it. 

Why do people flip axles?

The main reason that spring axles are flipped is to create additional ground clearance. Most trailers come with springs mounted under the axles and ride lower to the ground. This makes hauling difficult on dirt, gravel, bumpy terrain, or uneven roads or paths on construction sites, or curbs in parking lots.

Axles are generally manufactured underslung from the factory, which provides more stability. Flipping your underslung axle to an overslung axle creates more space between the trailer’s undercarriage to the ground. Flipping an axle has risks that can affect your trailer’s performance. 

Is flipping an axle safe?

While it can be done, it is not usually recommended. Flipping a previously underslung axle can pose risks. The axle will no longer have its original camber. The camber is the “bend” in the axle that allows the axle to sit flat and not bow down when under load. The Camber ensures that the axle sits flat when under load. 

Overslung axles from BlueSwift Axles

Instead of flipping your axle from underslung to overslung, contact BlueSwift Axles today to order your new overslung axle. Overslung axles will give you more ground clearance, better stability, and provide better towing on rough terrain. 

While underslung trailer springs are much more common than overslung axles, the key difference is that overslung axles raise the height of your trailer. If you’re considering flipping your trailer axle, give us a call today to order your American-made over slung axle.