FAQ: Can you repair a bent trailer axle?

Sep 3, 2023 | Trailer Axles

For September, we’ll dive into some commonly asked questions about trailer axles and trailer axle parts. We will share two new FAQs each week, so check back weekly for more frequently asked questions about all things trailer axles. This article answers the popular question, “Can your repair a bent trailer axle?”

Upward bend

Not all axle bends are equal. An axle naturally has an upward bend so that when under load it remains horizontal and not sagged.

If your axle is loaded down and still bent upward, the axle may be overrated for your hauling needs. If your axles are rated for a heavier tow load, and you are hauling a lighter load or empty trailer, this means there’s simply not enough weight in your trailer to straighten out the bow of the axle so the axle appears straight.

If you are consistently towing with axles that are rated for considerably more than what the trailer will ever have loaded, then the bow of the axle is too extreme and this may result in excessive tire wear. 

Generally, an upward bend of a trailer axle is normal and will appear straightened when under load.

Downward bend

Your axle may appear bent downwards if your trailer is overloaded with a load weight that exceeds your total axle’s weight rating. 

If you frequently drive with a load that exceeds your trailer’s limits, your axle may slowly bend over time. If your axles are permanently bent downwards even when your trailer is empty or loaded down, this can cause long-term irreparable damage to your axles over time.

Can bent axles be fixed?

Short answer, no. Axles that are bent downward cannot be repaired or fixed. If you have bent or damaged your axles from overloading your trailer, excessive wear and tear on your trailer, or an accident.

Diagnosing a bent axle

If you discover that your axle is bent, assessing just how bad the bend is will help you decide if repair is needed immediately. With a slight axle bend, continuing to drive is generally still safe. 

With a slight bend in your axle, it is still a good idea to get the axle inspected and continue to keep a close eye on your other trailer components. If the bend in your axle is more severe, then you should consider replacing your axle immediately

If you notice one side of your tires is wearing much faster than the other, this is a good indication of improper axle alignment or a bent axle. When the axle is significantly bent, it puts the tire at an improper angle.

If you discover that your axle is bent or damaged, it’s time to order a replacement. BlueSwift Axles are custom-built for your trailer. Use our convenient online ordering system to order your custom axle today. Click here to get started ordering your custom axles today!