FAQ: What’s causing uneven wear and tear on my trailer tires? – Part 1

Sep 12, 2023 | Spring Axles, Torsion Axles, Trailer Axles

For the month of September, we dive into commonly asked questions about trailer axles and trailer axle parts. In this month’s articles, we share two new FAQ’s each week. Check back weekly for more frequently asked questions about all things related to trailer axles.

This article answers the popular question, ‘what’s causing uneven wear and tear on my trailer tires?’

FAQ: What’s causing uneven wear and tear on my trailer tires? – Part 1

There are many reasons why you experience unusual or uneven tread wear on your trailer tires. When your trailer and its components are functioning properly, wear and tear on your trailer tires is the same across the entire tire and identical on all trailer tires. 

If you notice that one side of your trailer has more tread wear than the other side or that certain spots on your trailer tire look much more worn than others, it’s time to investigate the issue and find the possible culprit. 

Even center wear or inside and outside wear

Even center wear on your tires is a sign of overinflation. The tires will naturally protrude out in the center when they are overinflated. If you notice excessive center wear on your tires, just release some air and make sure the tires are inflated to the manufactured recommended PSI.

Oppositely, even inside or outside wear is a sign of underinflation. Simply add the recommended amount of air to your trailer tires to reach the recommended air level.

One side wear

If you notice heavy tread wear on only the inside or the outside of your trailer tires, this indicates that you have lost your axle’s camber. You are probably overloading your trailer. A trailer axle is naturally bent upwards to give space for the axle to straighten out when under a load. If you add too much weight to your trailer, beyond what the axles are rated for, it causes the camber to bow downward. 

To correct a one-sided wear on your trailer tires, check your axle’s weight rating. The weight of your trailer + the weight of your trailer’s cargo should not exceed that weight rating. If you are continuously hauling loads that exceed your trailer axle’s limit, call BlueSwift Axles to upgrade your axle today