Electric Trailer Brakes Benefits

Jun 9, 2023 | Uncategorized

This guide answers the popular question: What are the benefits of electric trailer brakes?

If you own a trailer, you may be wondering what the advantage would be to upgrading your brake system to electric brakes. There are many advantages to installing an electric brake system on your trailer and changing out the system is relatively simple. This article will guide you through the benefits of electric trailer brakes and help you decide if electric brakes are a good option for your trailer.

How do electric trailer brakes work?

Electric trailer brakes use a brake controller which is situated in the tow vehicle. They use electromagnets to activate the braking system via the drums. The electricity to the brakes is controlled via the brake controller and brake light circuit. 

Pros of Electric Trailer Brakes

Affordable replacements – Replacing parts for your electric brakes is more affordable than other brake options.

Less maintenance – Electric brakes require less maintenance than their counterpart, hydraulic brakes. Trailer owners with hydraulic brakes must maintain brake lines from corrosion, and also maintain the hydraulic actuator and brake assemblies.

Easy installation – Most trucks are set up to use an electronic trailer brake controller. These vehicles include a factory-installed “quick plug” under the dash that connects with a standard brake controller. 

Minimized pressure on tow vehicle brakes – With electric brakes on your trailer, it reduce the pressure on your tow vehicle brakes by assisting in slowing down and stopping your trailer. When your trailer does not have brakes, it leaves all of the weight and force of the trailer stopping on the tow vehicle’s brakes. 

Reduces swaying – Electric brakes allow you to manually adjust via the brake controller to reduce swaying. This is helpful when traveling on hills or in windy conditions. 

Is electric trailer brakes the right option for you?

If you own a trailer, it is important to understand the tow weight and size limits that require brakes. Having brakes on your trailer can help to ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road. This article is a helpful guide about if you need brakes on your trailer.

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