Protect your trailer axles in the summer humidity

Jun 6, 2023 | Uncategorized

This guide answers the popular question: How do you protect your axles in the summer humidity? 

Rust and moisture go hand in hand. When you think of climates with the most moisture, most people don’t think about regions with warm summers and hot temperatures. People often forget about the pesky humidity that comes with warm climates. In the Midwest, humidity levels are about 80% on average and the state of Iowa ranks #10 on the list of most humid states in the United States. 

Humidity is no friend to your axles. For all you haulers traveling through the Midwest, be mindful of the humidity and take care of your axles before they become a culprit to rust and corrosion. 

What causes rust?

According to this article by Zerust Products, the concentration of moisture plays the greatest factor in rust formation. Rust forms when Iron, Water, and Oxygen are mixed. All 3 elements must be present for the chemical reaction (rust formation) to happen. 

Rust prevention

While you can’t avoid the humidity in the Midwest, you can take preventive measures to ensure your axles remain rust-free. Follow these simple tips to ensure your axles remain in good working condition for years to come.

  1. Clean your axles – If moisture accumulates on your axles and then dirt and other debris also stick to your axles, this will cause rust. In hot and humid environments, keep your axles clean of debris and dirt.
  2. Store your trailer – Whenever possible, keep your trailer stored inside a garage or shed for protection.
  3. Grease your axles – Coating your spring or torsion axles with grease is a great way to provide protection. Many axle grease products are moisture-resistant and prevent water from accumulating. As part of the regular inspection of your axles, apply a layer of axle grease to keep them well-coated.
  4. Take action – Left untreated, rust can spread to other parts of your axles, breaking them down part by part and weakening your axles. As soon as you notice rust on your trailer axles, act quickly to resolve it. Surface rust can be handled by sandblasting or using a wire brush. After removing surface rust, you should apply rust-proof paint to protect your axles. 
  5. Know when it’s time for a replacement – If you find that your axle inspection reveals rust that is flaking and falling off, it’s likely time for a new axle.

Indeed, rusty axles are not fun to deal with, but with proper care and prevention, you can keep rust at bay. If you find flaking rust, it may be time to invest in new axles. Once the rust starts to corrode the axles and spread to other parts of your trailer, it can make hauling dangerous. Contact BlueSwift Axles today to order your replacement axles!