What are the Benefits of Using a Light Duty Trailer Axle?

Jul 7, 2022 | Trailer Axles

This guide answers the following question – What are the Benefits of Using a Light Duty Trailer Axle? Trailer axles aren’t an out-of-the-box solution. Knowing which type of axle you need is the key to getting the best haul. Light duty axles are the most common type of axles used by haulers. Still, understanding more about this kind of axle can help you be confident that it’s the right choice for your trailer.

Can I use a Light Duty Axle?

Not every hauler can use a light-duty trailer axle. The phrase “light duty” indicates that an axle is only rated for weights ranging from 1,000 pounds to 8,000 pounds. For example, a 3,500-pound spring axle can only carry a load up to that size, and that includes the weight of the trailer. With that in mind, you must consider what you’ll be hauling so you can decide if a light-duty axle is right for you. Trailers that are used for hauling bikes and kayaks, or transporting low-weight equipment, will be fine with light-duty axles. On the other hand, heavy equipment and larger loads will need a higher-capacity trailer axle.

Benefits of Using Light Duty Trailer Axle

Great for Easy Terrain

As the name implies, light-duty axles perform well in lighter weather conditions. Because they can only handle lower weights, these types of axles are great in places with minimal snow, ice, or flooding. You’ll also fare better with a light-duty axle on well-maintained roads. The wheels needed for lower-weight axles are smaller and won’t handle gravel roads with bumps and hills as well as a medium or heavy-duty axle can.

Great for New Haulers

Naturally, a lower weight rating means a lower price point. Even better, the lower price point of light-duty axles usually extends to the maintenance cost. These axles are easier to configure and use fewer parts, like bolts. This low entry cost is attractive if this is your first trailer, or if you’re just starting to haul. If you haven’t invested in a heavy-duty vehicle, a light-duty trailer axle will be the better choice for you. The trailers supported by light-duty axles can usually be pulled by smaller SUVs, pickup trucks, and some crossovers. Light-duty axles also play a part in the maneuverability of your trailer. When you haven’t hauled a trailer before, it takes some time to get used to the extra weight attached to your vehicle. Smaller axles can help you easily transition into pulling a trailer as you adapt to the handling.

Finding the Right Light-Duty Axle

As we mentioned, light-duty axles come in a wide range of weights. Finding the right light-duty spring or torsion axle is made easy with BlueSwift Axles. Our staff can answer all the questions you may have, whether you need a size recommendation or need help understanding which measurements are necessary to place an order.

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