Should You Buy a New Trailer or Build One? What You Need to Know

Jul 5, 2022 | Trailer Axles

This guide answers the following question – Should You Buy a New Trailer or Build One?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are good trailers. Building a new trailer can seem both a rewarding and daunting task, especially when buying a new trailer is as simple as a swipe of a credit card. Both options have their benefits, but is it better to buy a new trailer than to build one? Let’s consider a few things before deciding.

Should You Buy a New Trailer or Build One?

Building May Not Be More Affordable

Unless you’re choosing the cheapest materials possible, building a trailer yourself is costly. If you want your trailer to last a long time, you’ll select parts that have superior quality, resulting in higher material costs. Experience with building a trailer will save you the labor costs factored into the price of new trailers. If this is your first time building a trailer, plan on labor costs as part of your budget. Building a new trailer also takes more time. When you already own a business, this means a loss in revenue from downtime.

Buying a New Trailer Means No Customization

No doubt, saving money and time makes buying a new trailer sound more appealing to you. Yet, the lack of customization is why you may choose to build instead of buy. New trailers are one size fits all solutions and won’t always fit your specific hauling needs. For instance, you might find a trailer that’s the right length and width but doesn’t have the necessary hauling capacity. Hauling capacity is determined by the weight rating of your trailer axles. A new trailer with axles rated for a lower weight than you require means you’ll have to spend money upgrading to the right size axles. You’ll need any additional parts required to upgrade as well. Building your own trailer gives you more freedom to design what you need. Not only do you get to know and understand the parts of your trailer better, but you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

The Verdict: Building a New Trailer is Better

The flexibility you gain from building your own trailer is unmatched. Aside from obtaining the best parts, you’ll end up with a finished trailer that fits your short and long-term goals. Are you worried about getting the right parts for your trailer build? Let us help you ease some of your worries by recommending the best trailer axles, self-adjusting brakes, and essentials for your suspension system. BlueSwift Axles shortens your build time with our 48-hour shipping guarantee, giving you the tools to get on the road faster. Invest in the best solutions for your new trailer by reaching out to our staff today for guidance, questions, and excellent customer service throughout your purchase.

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