New Trailer Axles vs Used Trailer Axles – Which Should You Buy?

Jul 13, 2022 | Trailer Axles

This guide covers New Trailer Axles vs Used Trailer Axles and which type of axle you should buy. Buying used is tempting when upgrading or replacing your trailer axles, especially if your budget is the biggest concern. Still, price isn’t the only thing you should consider when choosing between new or used axles.

New Trailer Axles vs Used Trailer Axles

Used Doesn’t Always Mean Budget Friendly

Saying new trailer axles are more budget-friendly seems silly at first, but it’s true. The upfront cost is offset by the time and money you save on maintenance. New trailer axles will easily outlast their used counterparts. You won’t know how much use older axles have been subjected to or the type of loads they carried. There’s no guarantee they’ll stand the test of time. Even if they do, the maintenance cost makes up for the money you saved buying them.

What’s Your Trailer Usage?

How you’ll use your trailer must factor into your decision to buy used. If you plan to have infrequent hauls with light loads, buying used axles isn’t a deal-breaker. However, new axles are a must for reliability and to prevent unnecessary downtime when hauling for business. New axles last longer for heavy loads being hauled across many miles. Used axles aren’t customized to your unique business needs either, meaning you might end up using the wrong axles for your trailer.

Know What You’re Getting with New Trailer Axles

Used trailer axles are bought as is and offer no guarantee they’re in good condition. These axles look alright at first glance, but the components may tell a different story. Bad brakes and springs are costly to repair and replace. You’ll also have to find ones that work with the specific axles you purchased. Don’t count on the manufacturer for support with questions either. Many suppliers are hesitant to answer questions about parts they didn’t sell to you directly. Further, there’s no assurance that the original buyer bought the axles from a reputable supplier in the first place. Alternatively, purchasing new spring axles is a seamless transaction and alleviates worries about the condition of your axles. The parts are new and will be configured to your specifications. New axles bring with them customer support from a knowledgeable supplier, during and after your purchase.

The Verdict – Buy New from BlueSwift Axles

New trailer axles win every time. When you’re ready to upgrade, BlueSwift Axles is here to guide you towards an informed decision. Our custom trailer axles come with the knowledge of our staff and superior quality to keep you on the road and hauling. Investing in our fully equipped trailer axles is the surest way to save time and money in the long run.

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