Avoid these 5 things to keep your trailer working properly

Dec 12, 2022 | Trailer Axles

The following guide answers the popular question – What should I avoid to keep my trailer working properly? Follow these helpful trailer maintenance tips.

Are you neglecting your trailer? Without even thinking, we can be tough on our toys and tools. While it’s easy to forget about trailer maintenance needs, ignoring wear and tear will ruin your trailer. Give your trailer a little TLC and avoid the hassles of unnecessary trailer repair. By taking the time to inspect your trailer regularly, you will keep your trailer working properly for years to come.

Type of Trailer

Are you using the wrong trailer for the job? Getting a smaller, cheaper trailer can be tempting. For instance, using the wrong-sized boat trailer for your boat increases the likelihood of premature wear and accidents. 

Trailer Cleaning

Are you skipping the post-excursion cleaning? Dirt and debris can corrode your trailer making it necessary to wash it down and clean out the inside frequently. Steel will rust, and aluminum can crack with neglect. By keeping your trailer clean and checking it regularly for wear and tear, you’ll extend the life of your trailer.

Keep an Eye on these 3 Things

Are you towing your trailer around on worn tires? Trailer tires tend to get neglected because they don’t get used all the time which makes it even more important to check them before each use. Over time, tires can dry rot, or lose air pressure if they are not used regularly. Pulling a trailer around with bald or cracked tires, inappropriate air pressure, or uneven tread can lead to a blowout.

Are you neglecting the wheel bearings? Using your trailer with worn or damaged wheel bearings can lead to significant loss of trailer life. Remember, check your trailer wheel bearings for heat damage or wear annually. 

Are you bouncing along on worn-out suspension? Rusted or worn leaf springs and suspension parts give you a harsher ride. As you bump along roads with potholes and ruts, this takes a toll on your trailer and anything riding on it.

Hassle-free Trailer Axle Repairs

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Original article published by Hilltop Tire Service