How often should I replace my trailer axles?

Dec 9, 2022 | Spring Axles, Torsion Axles, Trailer Axles

The following guide answers the popular question – How often should I replace my trailer axles? This guide will help you understand what can impact your trailer axles.

Just like any part of a vehicle, trailer axles may need to be replaced over time. As they are exposed to outside elements, such as snow, ice, and debris, they can begin to rust. If rust is left too long on your trailer axles, they may start to corrode. No matter how well you take care of your trailer axles, over time, you may consider getting replacement axles to keep you and others safe out on the road. 

How long will my axles last? 

We recommend replacing your axles every 3-5 years. Although your axles may last longer than that with regular maintenance and inspection, this is typically the most common life expectancy. 

Can the weather impact my trailer axles? 

Cold Regions

Most haulers agree that Midwestern states cause more wear and tear on your trailer compared to other regions. If your trailer axles are exposed to cold and snow for long periods, rust and corrosion are bound to happen if not properly cleaned and stored when not in use. Midwestern roads are suspect to a beating from extreme temperature fluctuates and snow plows. Uneven, rough roadways are trailer axles’ worst enemy.

Warm Regions

The extreme heat in Southern, Eastern, and Western regions can pose a challenge for your trailer axles too. In dry heat, in states such as Arizona, trailer axles can develop cracks and even dry out the flexible rubber seal if not properly greased and maintained. In humid environments on the Southern and East coasts, the moisture build-up can cause problems for your axles. If moisture builds up on your axles, you run a risk of developing rust

Does the trailer type impact my axles?

Short answer – Yes. The life expectancy of your axles can vary based on the type of trailer you use. For example, open trailers tend to have a shorter life span than enclosed trailers. Typically, axles will wear faster if your trailer is open. 

Your trailer’s haul capacity also plays a large role in how much wear and tear your axles will endure. Larger, heavier hauls will place more wear on your axles over time.

Does distance impact my trailer?

Hauling your trailer long distances will impact how much life you get out of it. Traveling hundreds of miles regularly can shed years off your trailer’s life and call for more frequent axle replacements.

BlueSwift Axles Has You Covered

While there are no guarantees when it comes to the life expectancy of any trailer part, we recommend replacing your trailer axles every 3-5 years based on the factors listed in this article. To keep your trailer axles working properly, have your axles inspected annually.

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