48-hour trailer axles – Is it too good to be true? 

Dec 15, 2022 | Trailer Axles

The following guide answers the popular question – Can trailer axles be manufactured in 48 hours? 

BlueSwift Axles partners with an Iowa Based Axle Manufacturing company to ensure that our axles are built to order within 48 hours. 

We offer an easy-to-use, quick and efficient online ordering system. We walk you through how to take all of the exact measurements to ensure you are ordering the correct sized axles to outfit your trailer. When you place your order and it is confirmed, your order then moves to our team of expert and highly-skilled axle builders at HSI Duratek

Time = Money

In the transportation industry or trade industries, we understand TIME = MONEY. We pride ourselves on fast manufacturing and fast shipping to get you back on the road quickly.

Oftentimes, getting a new trailer axle is a long process and not one that can be expedited. The standard time frame to order a new axle is 6 to 8 weeks. BlueSwift Axles understands that with that much downtime, you risk losing thousands of dollars in downtime. 

While our manufacturing turnaround is quick, we do not cut corners. We only supply the highest quality axles for our customers. 

BlueSwift Axles 48-Hour Manufacturing Guarantee

Our Midwest-based business is committed to making your built-to-order spring and torsion axles within 48 hours. Shortly after the manufacturing is complete, the axles are shipped out to you. We are proud to serve haulers across the continental United States and do offer expedited shipping options if you are not local to central Iowa. 

For full details on how to order an axle through our online store and take the appropriate measurements, read this article. As always, if you have questions, our team is trained and knowledgeable about all trailer components. We’re committed to helping you find the products that are right for you and your trailer.