What does the axle rating on a trailer mean?

Apr 10, 2023 | Uncategorized

This article answers the popular question: What does the axle rating on a trailer mean?

An axle rating on a trailer is used to define the maximum weight an axle or set of axles can support. In this article, we share what makes up your axle rating, why it’s important to know your rating, and why you should always abide by the max tow weight of your axles.

What makes up the axle rating?

The axle rating limit includes the weight of the trailer and all of the trailer’s cargo. Oftentimes, people forget to factor in the total weight of the trailer when empty before loading it with cargo. For example, a trailer that has two 3,500 lb axles has an axle rating of 7,000 pounds. The trailer may weigh 2,500 pounds, leaving the remaining towing capacity for cargo at 4,500 lb.

Why is your axle rating important?

Knowing your trailer’s axle rating is critical for people who haul heavy machinery or cargo. An overloaded axle can cause problems for your trailer, trailer parts, axles, and towing vehicle.

What can happen if you load your trailer beyond the recommended limit?

Overloading your trailer beyond the axle rating is dangerous and can cause your tires to blow out. An overloaded trailer can also be hard to control, causing your trailer to begin to sway at high speeds. Abiding by your trailer’s axle rating and following proper 60/40 cargo loading techniques is always the safest option.

How do I find out my axle rating?

Your axles should come with an identification sticker that tells you the axle rating. If you don’t see a sticker on your axle, you can always check with the manufacturer. They should keep your order information on file and can tell you what your axle’s ratings are. If you bought a used trailer or are unsure who your axle manufacturer is, there are also other ways you can calculate your axle rating. This article by Haway shares a few helpful tips for figuring out your trailer’s axle rating.