Single Axle or Dual Axle Trailer: Which option is best for you?

Apr 7, 2023 | Spring Axles, Torsion Axles, Trailer Axle Kit, Trailer Axles

This guide answers the following question – Should You Buy a Single Axle or Dual Axle Trailer?

Are you considering purchasing a new trailer but are unsure which option is best for you and your hauling needs? This article walks through the differences between single-axle and dual-axle trailers to help you make an educated decision before purchasing.


Stability is a major component that can differ between single and dual-axle trailers. Double-axle trailers have more points of contact with the road, making them less susceptible to swaying and bouncing while driving at higher speeds. Single-axle trailers may start to sway when faster tow speeds are reached. Always consider your trailer’s max tow weight and lower your speeds when your trailer is fully loaded to avoid bouncing or trailer sway. Read this helpful guide to understand how to properly load cargo into your trailer using the 60/40 rule.

Tow Vehicle

A single-axle trailer can be towed by an SUV or pickup truck. A dual axle trailer typically needs a heavy-duty truck such as a half-ton or three-quarter-ton pickup. It is possible to tow a dual axle trailer using a smaller pickup truck, but it causes a lot of stress and wears and tear on your tow vehicle over time.

Towing capacity

An important factor to consider when purchasing a new trailer is the trailer’s weight rating and how much weight it can safely and effectively tow. A trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating includes the weight of the trailer itself as well as the tow load. A dual-axle trailer will have a higher GVWR whereas single-axle trailers will only be able to support lighter loads. 


Towing a trailer with a second axle allows you to tow heavier loads, but it also means less maneuverability and portability. The second axle increases the pivot distance of the trailer, creating a challenge when backing up. Single-axle trailers are easier to maneuver and have a tighter turn radius.

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