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We offer a range of products, from new build-to-order axles to trailer parts for maintenance. If you have questions, call or text us at 515-608-8040 and speak to a real person.

don’t wait 6-8 weeks for an axle!


axles built in 48 hours


Your axles are built in 48 hours and then shipped! ( expedite shipping available, shipping times vary)



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We’ve made the process simple, tell us what you need and we’ll follow up to confirm. Whether you’re a trailer expert or new to trailer axles, we’ll take care of you.



You Order

Order your axle by type, carrying capacity, and speed.

We Check Measurements

After your order is sent a staff member will contact you to check your measurements.

We BuilD IT Here

It’s built at HSI Duratek, an Axle Manufacturer based in Iowa. 48 hour manufacturing is available. 

& It's Shipped To YOu

It’s shipped to your address! Lead times vary by location.


how to measure a torsion axle




how to measure a spring axle



how to measure trailer axles
Reasons Why You Should Not Wait to Replace Trailer Axles