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 Blueswift Axles is an online trailer parts store specializing in custom trailer axles and replacement parts. Our axles are built to meet your hauling needs. With axle warranties from 5-10 years.

3500 lb spring axle

Keep on Hauling with Blueswift Axles


Blueswift is leading the way in the trailer parts industry with relentless innovation! We’ve listened closely to your experiences and learned from the challenges faced with competitor axles breakdowns. This insight has been our driving force in revolutionizing axle construction – from the choice of grease to the overall design. We’ve created a system for you to measure, order, and build the right axle to keep you hauling!

Shop by Product

We offer a range of products, from new build-to-order axles to trailer parts for maintenance. If you have questions, call or text us at 515-606-1718 and speak to a real person.

Don’t wait 6-8 weeks for an axle!

Axles Built in 48 Hours

Blueswift Axles offers industry-leading manufacturing lead times, capable of producing an axle within a remarkable 48-hour timeframe upon request.


How to Order your Blueswift Trailer Axle


Ordering your Blueswift trailer axle is straightforward. Simply provide us with your requirements, and we’ll promptly follow up to confirm your order. Whether you’re experienced in trailer mechanics or new to trailer axles, rest assured, we’ll guide you through the process and take care of your needs.



You Order

Order your axle by type, carrying capacity, and speed.

We Check Measurements

After your order is sent a staff member will contact you to check your measurements.

We BuilD IT

Blueswift Axles are built to fit your trailer, with 48-hour manufacturing available.

It's Shipped To YOu

It’s shipped to your address! Lead times vary by location.


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How to Measure your Spring Axle


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