5200 LB Hydraulic Brake Kit


12″ x 2″ Hydraulic Brake Kit

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12″ x 2″ hydraulic, contains one right hand and one left hand hydraulic brake assembly, 10 retainer nuts


Hydraulic brakes are commonly used on boat trailers. The reason for this is going in and out of the water can corrode wires making electric brakes not as reliable.

How to bleed the brake lines when installing hydraulic brakes?

  1. Secure the brake to the backing plate on the axle.
  2. Put your hub back onto the spindle.
  3. Tighten the castle nut, install the cotter pin, and put the dust cap back on.
  4. Attach the brake line to the back of the brake assembly.
  5. (It is best to do this with two people) Open the bleeder, apply pressure to the tongue of the trailer, and then close the bleeder.
  6. You should have all of the air out of the line, leaving only brake fluid.

This brake kit comes with all you’ll need for the installation. They simply need to be bolted on and wired, and they will be ready to go.


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