Livestock, Utility, and Enclosed Trailer Features

Jan 31, 2023 | Trailer Axles

This article answers the popular question: What are trailer features of livestock, utility, and enclosed trailers?

Livestock and Horse Trailers

Livestock trailers allow you to transport livestock across short or long distances. There are various types of livestock trailers. The most common types are gooseneck, bumper pull, and livestock trailers with living quarters. 

Livestock trailers are unique because most of them are single-walled and may have openings on the side to allow for airflow. Horse trailers are typically double-walled and may even have insulation to protect the horses from the weather elements

Utility Trailer

A utility trailer is also commonly called a “flat bed” trailer or “open bed” trailer because they have no real enclosure. They are multi-purpose and are commonly used for hauling materials and goods and transporting equipment. Due to their open-air design, and little confinement, they are ideal for hauling tall and awkward-shaped items. Utility trailers are also typically lightweight, making them easy to tow and more fuel efficient.

Enclosed Trailer

An enclosed trailer, commonly called a cargo trailer, is built with walls and a roof. They are completely sealed and weatherproof on the inside, keeping any type of cargo you are hauling protected from the outdoor elements. Cargo trailers are ideal for hauling construction materials, large tools, and even snowmobiles and motorcycles. When you haul cargo in an enclosed trailer, you don’t have to worry about the materials flying out of the trailer or getting damaged by debris that flies up off the road. All of your cargo is safe and protected inside! 

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