Don’t delay – why you shouldn’t hesitate to replace your trailer axles

Dec 22, 2022 | Spring Axles, Torsion Axles, Trailer Axles, Uncategorized

The following guide covers the topic: Why You Should Not Hesitate to Replace Your Trailer Axles.

Don’t delay – why you shouldn’t hesitate to replace your trailer axles

It’s never a good day when an axle goes bad on your trailer. Continuing to drive your trailer with worn-out parts can cause excessive downtime, can negatively impact other parts on your trailer and is unsafe out on the road. Don’t hesitate to replace your trailer axles if you start to notice these common signs of stress and wear. If you wait too long to replace your trailer axles, it can cost you more money and lead to excessive downtime. 

Here are 4 reasons why you should not hesitate to replace your trailer axles:

Bad axles can impact other parts of your trailer

If you notice rust on one of your axles, act fast. If rust develops on one of your trailer axles, it is bound to spread to other parts of your trailer over time. Rust is corrosive and commonly spreads to other metal parts on your trailer. Rusty spring trailer axles put a lot of strain on other parts of your trailer. This can cause springs, suspension, and brakes to go bad.

Safety and liability concerns

Unfortunately, axles can fail at very inconvenient times. Typically, you may notice axle failure during a heavy haul. Not only is axle failure dangerous for you and other drivers on the road, but it also causes liability concerns if materials or equipment spills onto the roadway and damages other vehicles.

Nobody’s got time for downtime

One of the worst things for any business is unexpected downtime. Your time is money, and if your trailer isn’t working properly, it’s costing you money. Old or damaged axles can fail at the worst time and cause damage to other parts of your trailer. Delayed deliveries, missed appointments, and missed jobs will lose you money.

Don’t hesitate – replace them before you need them

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