Trailer Axle Components Video: Differences Between Torsion and Spring Axles

Jul 21, 2022 | Trailer Axle Kit, Trailer Axles

The following guide covers everything you need to know about Trailer Axle Components.

Trailer Axle Components – Video

Trailer Axle Components – Differences Between Torsion and Spring Axles

We get asked all the time, why do I have a leaf spring axle? Why do I have a torsion axle? We’ll break that down and explain the differences between torsion and spring axles in this video. One common question we get is can I switch out my spring axle for a torsion axle or vice versa? The answer is yes, but you need to understand what the benefits and drawbacks are of each one before you do that.

Spring Axles

Spring axles have a round tube, which makes them very durable and gives them much more rigidity.  If it gets bumped from any angle, the strength is still the same. It has external springs, so if anything gets damaged, they are very easy to replace.  The whole suspension can be replaced if needed as it wears out. There is a strap on the front of the springs, this is because when you are braking, the round axle is trying to rotate, so the straps are there to hold the springs together and make them more rigid so the axle doesn’t rotate forward when braking.

Torsion Axles

Torsion Axles come with a square tube with the suspension built internally into the axle. The brackets are either bolted or welded straight to the frame of your trailer which makes the trailer much more ridged. It will be smoother and quieter, and there won’t be any external parts that will rattle or wear out.  With the rubber suspension built inside, they seldom wear out. So, with heavy loads and long-haul situations, this is going to be a much better axle for you.

Other Trailer Axle Components

Trailer Camber

Camber is an industry term, which is the bend that is put into the axle during the manufacturing process. The reason for this bend is to point the top of the tires out, so that as you load your trailer and that weight comes down on your axle, that brings the tires into a straight up and down position giving you even tire wear. You’ll notice we have 3 options on our website, no camber, which is not recommended, half camber, which is very common, and full camber, which is for very heavy loads, and if you never pull the trailer empty.

How to Measure the Brake Hub Face

On a trailer with a brake hub, you will need 2 straight edges to get an accurate measurement. Place the straight edge on the hub face right next to the studs, not against the outside of the drum near the edge. Run your tape measure from that straight edge across to another straight edge in the same position on the other side.

How to Measure the Idler Hub Face

It is much easier to measure the hub face on an idler.  Simply rest the tape measure on the outside of the hub where it is smooth, and pull it across to the other side to the same spot on that hub.

Brake Assemblies

Every Blueswift Axle is going to come with a self-adjusting brake assembly.  This is very beneficial because you do not have to get under your trailer, jack it up, and spin the wheels to manually adjust them periodically. If you ever want to upgrade your trailer with the self-adjusting brake assemblies, you’ll find them here. They are available in 10-inch and 12-inch assembly and they come in pairs as there is a right and a left.

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