5 Reasons Why You Should Not Wait to Replace Trailer Axles

Aug 18, 2022 | Trailer Axles

The following guide covers Why You Should Not Wait to Replace your Trailer Axles.

In any business, time is money. It may seem like you don’t need to wait to replace worn-out parts because it’s not a big deal. Yet, procrastinating when it comes to repairs can cost you both money and time in the long run. Here are five reasons you shouldn’t delay replacing old or worn-out trailer axles.

Reasons Why You Should Not Wait to Replace Trailer Axles

1. Bad Axles Cause Downtime

One of the worst things for any business is unexpected downtime. If your trailer isn’t working for you, it’s costing you money. Old or damaged axles can fail at the worst time and cause damage to more than just your trailer and equipment. Delayed deliveries or missed appointments will lose you money and damage your reputation with current and future clients.

2. Issues can Spread to Other Parts

Rust on axles won’t stay in one place for long. Rust is corrosive and spreads to other metal parts. Additionally, weakened spring trailer axles put a strain on other parts of your trailer. This causes springs and suspension to fail and brakes to go bad early. Bad brakes damage your already weakened axles, and the cycle starts again. This leads to even more costly trailer repairs.

3. Liability Concerns

Axles fail at the worst times, and a lot more goes wrong if that time is in the middle of a heavy haul. If you spill equipment or materials over the road, you may be financially responsible for the cleanup. You may also be liable for damages caused to other vehicles if they are damaged in the accident.  This means you’ll be paying for the damages directly or, if your insurance covers it, getting a monthly premium increase.

4. New Axles Mean Better Performance

When you’re hauling a load, you want your trailer working at its peak performance. Old and worn-out axles shake, rattle, and sway on the road. This leads to poor performance and reduces gas efficiency in your towing vehicle. With new axles, you’ll get a smoother ride from your trailer and better performance out of your suspension. This means less wear and tear on your trailer and your towing vehicle.

5. Have Them Before You Need Them

When purchasing a new spring or torsion axle, timing is everything.  Some manufacturers take weeks or months just to ship new axles out. By the time they arrive, there could be additional damage to your current trailer axles, or you could be down completely. Thus ordering replacements before you need them is essential. All BlueSwift Axles offer a 48-hour shipping option, guaranteeing you get your axles before you need them every time. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the right configuration for your replacement and help you place an order quickly and with confidence.

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