What is a Torsion Axle on a Trailer?

Jun 29, 2022 | Trailer Axles

What is a Torsion Axle?

A torsion trailer axle uses thick, rubber cords in the main axle beam that provides cushion to give a smoother ride.

what is a torsion trailer axle

Torsion axles do not have leaf springs, instead as each wheel moves up and down, the rubber cords inside compress which gives even wheel suspension and shock absorption. Unlike standard spring axles, each wheel works independently of the other.

Advantages of Torsion Axles

There are several benefits of torsion axles. They have fewer moving parts than standard spring axles, (no leaf springs, equalizers, or shackle straps) therefore less maintenance is required. Since torsion axles use rubber cords in the main axle beam to cushion the trailer, there are no metal-on-metal connections, giving a quiet, smoother ride, even on lightweight or empty trailers. Each tire and wheel are independent of the other, so you can jack your trailer up easily by using a trailer aid or block of wood. Also, torsion axles are fastened directly to the frame of the trailer, this adds better stability and handling.

Disadvantages of Torsion Axles

Torsion axles come with a higher price tag attached compared to standard spring axles or 4-inch drop axles and sometimes they cannot be repaired, only replaced. See our comparison below for more information on the differences between torsion and spring trailer axles.

Torsion vs Spring Axles – Which Should You Buy?

How do I Replace a Torsion Axle Fast?

You can order a new torsion axle replacement at www.blueswiftaxles.com and it will be shipped to your door within 7 days. Need it sooner? We understand that downtime is lost time and opportunities, so we have a 48-hour rush option. It will be shipped within 48 hours of ordering. You can also check out our Torsion Axle Order Form for more details and customizations.

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