Trailer & Hauling Accessories: Purchase or Pass?

May 8, 2023 | Uncategorized

This article answers the popular question: What are the different types of trailer accessories? 

There are so many aftermarket trailer parts on the market. What are the must-have products that you should consider purchasing and which products should you pass on? This article will walk you through a few products and why you may consider purchasing them for your trailer. 

Corner Protectors (Edge protectors)

Corner protectors are used to protect your cargo from damage, as well as your straps, chains, and tarps. Corner protectors provide a barrier between the cargo and the strap or chain. Any load in which friction between cargo and strap could cause abrasive damage to the cargo or strap is required to be secured with edge protectors. 

Corner protectors are made of either plastic or foam and come in various sizes such as 4”, 12”, 24”, and 48”. The larger the cargo, the larger the edge protector that should be used. This video by Mytee Products walks you through how to use a corner or edge protector to protect your cargo. 


Trailer D-Rings give you multiple tie-down locations so you have securement options on multiple locations throughout the trailer. This gives you the flexibility to haul cargo on your entire trailer bed. 

There are different sizes of D-Rings available on the market, and each size is rated for different weighted tow loads. There are many different styles of D-Rings including stake pocketsrecessedand surface mount rings. Each type of D-Ring has a different type of installation process indicated in the linked videos.

Tire Chains

Tire chains are useful if you are hauling your trailer in climates that are prone to ice and snow-covered roadways. Tire chains provide you with added traction on the roadway, giving you more control of your trailer and tow vehicle. Tire chains are designed to help you haul cargo through snowy or icy roadways conditions and deliver your cargo safely to your final destination. Read this article for more winter driving safety tips.

Some states do have DOT regulations requiring drivers to carry or use tire chains during the winter season. So make sure to carry tire chains in your vehicle during the chilly months or if you are hauling long distances and may cross through regions with winter weather. 

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