The Problem with Over-Rated & Under-Rated Trailer Axles

Jul 16, 2023 | Uncategorized

This article answers the popular question: What is the problem with over-rated and under-rated trailer axles?

With axles, bigger is not always better. You must buy and install axles that are suited to your trailer size and towing needs. This article will talk through the problems of using over-rated and under-rated trailer axles and what will happen if you do. As always, we recommend consulting with an axle manufacturer who can guide the axle size that will work best for your needs. 

Over-Rated Axles

Most individuals think bigger axles = better. If you notice your existing axles on your trailer are exceptionally worn from overloading your trailer, then upgrading to a larger axle set may be the right option for you and your needs. But, if you upsize your axles just for more “towing power” but your tow load doesn’t match the axle’s strength and capacity, your trailer ride is very smooth. A light trailer with heavy-duty axles will become bouncy down the road and not become a hassle to tow. The lesson here is that having a suspension with overrated axles can do you more harm than good!

Under-Rated Trailer Axles

Hauling loads that are too heavy for your trailer axles will slowly cause wear and tear on your axles over time. If you overload your trailer, it continues to provide added stress to not only your axles but other components of your vehicle such as your tires and brakes, too. Hauling a heavier load every once in a while won’t cause too much harm, but if your everyday towing turns into a heavy load, consider upgrading your under-rated axles to better suit your towing needs.

In Conclusion

When customers are looking at trailers, they often ask about beefing up their axles to avoid blowing a tire or full axle failure. 

For the smoothest ride, your trailer needs to be able to give a little. Overkill axles result in a stiff, bouncy ride that can damage your tow load or injure your livestock. If your trailer is too light because you habitually haul it unloaded or partially loaded, adding more weight to your load will help improve the ride. Choosing axles that are way too light for your needs to save money or because you underestimate how much weight you’ll be hauling, road heat will cause the overloaded axles to overheat. Saving money when purchasing under-rated trailer axles will result in you needing to replace them more frequently. 

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