Preparing Your Trailer for Winter – What You Need to Know

Aug 12, 2022 | Trailer Axles

This article covers everything you need to know about Preparing Your Trailer for Winter.

With summer winding down, you may be looking at getting all of your fall and winter preparations done. Hopefully, your to-do list includes winterizing your trailer.

If you’re worried about how to properly prep your trailer for the winter, our BlueSwift Axles team has come up with a few tips to keep you moving. 

Preparing Your Trailer for Winter – What to Know

Caution during your winter hauls is essential to staying safe in the cold and protecting other drivers and your trailer on the road. 

Inspect Your Tow Vehicle

Your trailer is only as safe as the vehicle pulling it. Make sure your truck or SUV is up-to-date on maintenance. This may mean investing in snow tires if you’re in a cold climate, or replacing your tires if they’re worn. Have your mechanic inspect your brakes, lights, and all electrical systems. It would be helpful to make sure your mechanic knows you’re a hauler so they inspect your vehicle with that in mind and make appropriate recommendations.

You’ll also want to keep extra equipment like chains and spares in your vehicle. Limit corrosion throughout the winter by getting regular car washes to rid your vehicle of salt. 

Preparing Your Trailer for Winter

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Use the Right Trailer

If most of your hauling is done in winter weather, a covered trailer makes more sense than an open one. An open trailer can be covered, but it’s essential to make sure your cover is secure to prevent damage to your cargo. Heavy duty covers with tie downs that can be cinched are necessary to prevent your load from shifting. You don’t want anything falling off your trailer, which can make winter roads even more hazardous.

Take Visibility Precautions

In addition to ensuring the lights on your toe vehicle work, consider adding flags and reflectors to your trailer. Snow, rain, and less light during the day can make it difficult for other drivers to see your trailer. Make it safe for everyone on the road by keeping it as visible as possible. 

Prepare for Emergencies

Keep emergency items in your tow vehicle to stay safe in the event of a breakdown, accident, or getting stranded. Have a first aid kit handy as well as an emergency bag with snow clothes, a hat, gloves, flares, hand warmers, and other necessary winter items.

Preparing Your Trailer for Winter – Contact the Experts

If you need new parts to properly winterize your trailer this winter, check out our online store for trailer axles, brake kits, and more. Happy winter hauling from BlueSwift Axles!