Light Duty Trailer Axles: Are they a good fit for you?

May 16, 2023 | Spring Axles, Torsion Axles, Trailer Axle Kit, Trailer Axles, Uncategorized

This guide answers the following question – Is a light-duty trailer axle a good fit for my hauling needs?

What are light-duty trailer axles?

Light-duty trailer axles are the most common type of axles used by haulers. Light duty indicates that an axle is only rated for weights ranging from 1,000 pounds to 8,000 pounds. 

What can a light-duty axle haul? 

Light-duty axle trailers are commonly used for hauling recreational equipment, such as bikes and kayaks, as well as low-weight equipment. If you are hauling heavier loads, a light-duty axle is not a good fit for you. 

Is a light-duty axle the right axle for you?

Before deciding which type of trailer to buy or axle to install on your new trailer, first, you need to consider these important facts about light-duty axles.

Lower Price Point

A lower-weight rated axle means a lower price point. Even better, the lower price point of light-duty axles usually extends to the maintenance cost. They are cheaper to replace if you get in an accident. A light-duty axle is attractive to new haulers who may be investing in their very first trailer.

Smaller Haul Vehicle

The trailers supported by light-duty axles can usually be pulled by smaller SUVs, pickup trucks, and some crossovers.

Fewer Parts

Light-duty axles are easy to configure and use fewer parts, such as bolts. This means they are easier to install and easier to detect if there may be an issue.


Light-duty axles also play a part in the maneuverability of your trailer. When you haven’t hauled a trailer before, it takes time to get used to the extra weight attached to your vehicle. It also takes time to get used to the wider turns, further following distance, increased stopping time, and more. Smaller axles can help you easily transition into pulling a trailer as you adapt to the handling. For more tips on trailer towing safety, read this article

Best on Easy Terrain

Light-duty axles haul best on well-maintained roads. Because they can only handle lower weights, these types of axles are great in places with minimal snow, ice, or flooding. The wheels on a light-duty axle are smaller and won’t handle gravel roads with bumps and hills as well as a medium or heavy-duty axle can.

What’s the best light-duty axle for you?

To recap, light-duty axles come in a wide range of weights. BlueSwift Axles provides light-duty spring or torsion axles that are manufactured in 48 hours. The axle experts are here to answer all the questions you may have. We will guide you through measurements and options to equip you with the trailer axle that’s right for you. Give us a call today to place your axle order!