How-To Guide: Read an Axle Label

Mar 14, 2023 | Uncategorized

This article answers the popular question: How do you read an axle label?

Where are axle labels located?

The location of the axle label can vary by manufacturer, but commonly axle labels can be found on the side of the axle facing your rear bumper.

What information is included on the axle label?

Axles labels include all axle manufacturing information including the manufacturer’s name, year, serial number, model, and all measurements.

See below for a helpful visual axle label identifier from Dexter Axle.

axle label

Why do I need to see the axle label?

If you ever need to replace your axle, locating the axle label will give you all of the details you need. The axle details are important to provide to the axle manufacturer when ordering replacement axles. Axle replacement requires you to submit measurements, weight, and type, and this can result in incorrect measuring if you don’t refer to your axle label.

BlueSwift Axles Can Help

If you ordered your axles from BlueSwift Axles, and don’t have access to your axle label, give us a call. We keep all of your axle details on file in our system. You can order a replacement axle from us quickly and easily without having to crawl under your trailer to read the axle label.