FAQ: How often should I replace my trailer axles? – Part 1

Sep 26, 2023 | Trailer Axles

For September, we dive into commonly asked questions about trailer axles and trailer axle parts. In this month’s articles, we share two new FAQs each week. Check back weekly for more frequently asked questions about all things related to trailer axles. This article answers the popular question, ‘How often should I replace my trailer axles?’ This article will dive into all of the reasons it may be time for trailer axle replacement. 

There is no general rule of thumb for when you should replace your trailer axles. Be observant and take note of any weird movements or sounds your trailer experiences while towing. If you notice any of these important signs, it may be time for an axle replacement. Check back next week for a Part 2 article that outlines various circumstances that can impact the longevity of your trailer and indicate when it may be time for trailer axle replaement. 

Unusual Sounds

If you start to hear rumbling sounds when driving, the issue could be your trailer axles. Rumbling noises often indicate that your axle is out of alignment or damaged. If you begin to experience chirping sounds, it could be your bearings. Your trailer bearings are vital to a smooth tow, and one of the first signs of worn bearings is the unusual sounds.

You may hear a chirping sound as the beginning stages of your bearings go bad, then the sound will worsen to an ongoing squeal and vibrations. In the next section, we will discuss what components may cause vibrations while driving. 

Excessive Vibrations

If your axle is out of alignment or damaged, you may begin to experience abnormal or excessive vibrations with unusual noises. Any sort of noticeable vibration is a cause for concern, but if the vibrations become severe enough and lead to an uncomfortable ride, this is an indication that it is time to get your trailer and axles inspected for damage. It also may be time to consider axle replacement.

Tire Misalignment

If the tires on your trailer are out of alignment, steering will become more difficult the longer you continue to drive your trailer. You may also notice that your trailer is pulling to one side and you are having to overcorrect your steering often. Driving a trailer with misaligned tires will require you to put more energy into towing and steering your trailer and tow vehicle. 

Axle Replacement from BlueSwift Axles

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