FAQ: How often should I grease my trailer axles?

Sep 18, 2023 | Torsion Axles

For September, we dive into commonly asked questions about trailer axles and trailer axle parts. In this month’s articles, we share two new FAQs each week. Check back weekly for more frequently asked questions about all things related to trailer axles.

This article answers the popular question, ‘How often should I grease my trailer axles?

Extending the life of your trailer axles includes proper maintenance. The more you use your trailer, the more often you will need to grease your trailer axles. The environment and weather condition also plays a role in how often you should grease your trailer axles. If you live or use your trailer in environments with more humidity or moisture, your axles are prone to more corrosion which can lead to rust. 

What does grease do?

The grease helps protect the bearings from corrosion and keeps them lubricated. You should grease your trailer’s hub at least once a year, but more frequently if you use it often or subject it to harsh weather conditions.

Do I also need to grease the hub?

If you don’t grease your trailer’s hub, the bearings can become corroded. Corroded bearings lead to the bearings seizing up, which can cause the wheel to come off the axle. 

You should grease your trailer axle and hubs at least once a year. If your axles and hub are exposed to harsh conditions, it never hurts to grease the axles and hub more often.

Can I grease my trailer axles and hub myself?

Lubricating your trailer axles is simple. For a proper step-by-step on how to accurately grease your trailer axles and hub, read this article. 

Do all axles need to be lubricated?

Spring axles require lubrication at least once every year or every 12,000 miles. According to HSI Duratek, torsion axles have a very simple design, using rubber cords and an inner bar, rather than the large array of parts found in a spring axle. The simplicity of this design means that there is little to no maintenance that needs to be done. For torsion axles, all you have to do is lube your wheel bearings.

If you’re not sure whether your axle requires lube, be sure to check with a qualified mechanic or the manufacturer of your trailer.

When should I replace my axle?

Even with proper maintenance and lubrication, trailer axles will eventually need to be replaced. If you begin to notice vibrations when driving, rumbling noises, alignment issues, uneven tire wear and tear, or leaking grease, these are all signs that it’s time for axle replacement

Contact the experts

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