Should You Use Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes? What to Know

Aug 26, 2022 | Trailer Axles

The following guide answers the question should you use Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes?

Hydraulic and electric brakes both have their advantages. Depending on which one you start with, you may wonder if it’s possible to switch from one to the other. 

Electric Over Hydraulic Brakes?

As a trailer hauler, it’s normal for you to want to explore new configurations for your trailer. Let’s discuss why you may want to change up your brakes and how to do it. 

Why Switch from Electric to Hydraulic Brakes?

Since hydraulic brakes dissipate heat more evenly during use, they tend to last longer than electric brakes. Haulers of heavy loads also find that they’re more powerful and have a better capacity for a controlled stop.

electric trailer brakes

Making the Change from Electric to Hydraulic

When going from electric to hydraulic trailer brakes, the first thing you’ll need to do is remove the electric brake setup. This means you need to get rid of all the electric brake equipment and wiring. Once that is done, you can install a hydraulic brake kit yourself, or reach out to an experienced mechanic to complete the installation.  

Why Switch from Hydraulic to Electric Trailer Brakes?

Put simply, electric brakes are far easier for haulers to operate than hydraulic trailer brakes. Electric trailer brakes are incredibly responsive and intuitive for trailer haulers, making it easy to pull large trailers with confidence. Responsiveness is a driving factor for many drivers as it helps them feel safe on the road. 

Hydraulic trailer brakes

How to Change Your Trailer Brakes from Hydraulic to Electric

In order to change from hydraulic brakes to electric brakes, you first need an electric brake trailer axle.  After your electric brake axles are in place, cut the wires going to your hydraulic brake pump and then connect the brake power wire to the ground wire of the electric brake axle. The power wire should be black and the ground wire should be white, but you must verify this for your specific trailer. That might not seem simple as you’re reading this, but the process is really straightforward. Still, we are here to help if you get confused when making the swap.  

Contact the Trailer Experts

No matter what brakes you decide on, quality is the key. Our friendly team of experts at BlueSwift Axles is ready to help you find the best hydraulic and electric brakes for your trailer build. Browse our inventory of trailer axle brake kits and let us know how we can make switching out your brakes a smooth ride!